Links - PHP Content Management Systems

Oct 14 2009: What's going on ! Yet another good small CMS emerges from the pack. Added phpSQLiteCMS.
Oct 10 2009: added Zikula CMS framework.
Oct 9 2009: added XMLNuke, XML CMS framework.
Oct 4 2009: discovered gpEasy CMS.

Links - PHP Wikis and Knowledge Wikis

Nov 4 2009: Added Semantic MediaWiki, demo on server.

Oct 4 2009: Add Wikyblog. Updated WikkaWiki with info about burgeoning project for phpMyEdit package

Updated Jan 25 2009: added Kisimi and DokuWiki

There are several small, fast and powerful open source wikis that can be used as a full-featured CMS to for building small web sites and are fairly easy to extend and customize.

Links - PHP

Feb 11 2009: an important looking update for Eclipse PDT 2.0

A new version of the Eclipse PDT 2.0 environment.

Links - PHP MVC Frameworks

Oct 8 2009: Are MVC frameworks worth the performance hit and hassle ? See Damn Small PHP Frameworks. Because size does matter. Make sure to read comments too.

Feb 10 2009: added PHPulse

Good list of PHP frameworks. Are they all MVC ?

Links - CakePHP Content Management Systems

Update Jan 24 2009: The new PageBakery repository is showing some activity !
Update Dec 4 2008: Mambo 5 movements
Update Sept 19 2008: Wildflower impressions and links

Doing the Mambo

The latest movements in the Mambo 5 project ( Nov 25th 2008 ) -

Links - CodeIgniter

Updated Oct 29 2008: added 68KB, now BSD

I am not sure why it took me this long to get around to CodeIgniter ... it's a worthy and mature PHP framework but I gravitated to CakePHP for some reason. Maybe it's the CodeIgniter licensing of EllisLab, Inc..

Links - Pattern Engines in PHP

A nascent category for "associative" engines, neural networks and various statistical and connectionist approaches to inferencing.


Links - Lanius CMS

Updated Sept 24 2008:

The Lanius website ( formerly known as the Drake CMS ) is up and running [ wild cheers and celebration !!! ]

They have make some of their first production releases of the small, quick and generally admirable CMS.

I'll install it and see ... stay tuned.


Links - CakePHP

Updated Sept 28 2008: fixups and links

From the CakePHP project site at

Cake is a rapid development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like ActiveRecord, Association Data Mapping, Front Controller and MVC. Our primary goal is to provide a structured framework that enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss to flexibility.

Links - PHP Search Engines

Updated Oct 2 2008: The Mission

There is a decided dearth of good PHP open source search engine solutions, but Sphider seems to be the leading candidate these days - "a lightweight web spider and search engine written in PHP, using MySQL as its back end database".

Links - PHP Rule Engines

Updated: Sept 24 2008: more links, RAP

A very thin category at the moment, but the new Drupal Rules project may help to fill it out.

The RAP project has a simple forward and backward chaining inference engine using networks of relationships rather than condition/action statements like a true rule engine.

Links - PHP Workflow/Process Engines

Updated: June 20 2008

Galaxia is an activity-based workflow application, where the processes and the workflows are made of dynamic activities that must be completed to finish a task. Contrast this with a procedural system where each step in the process must be completed in order, and the power of this application becomes clear.

Link - SemWeb Tools for PHP

Update 3/26/2008 - ARC completely reimplemented and released as ARC2.

Update 7/25/2008 - added Triplify 0.3 section.

From the ARC site:

ARC is a lightweight, SPARQL-enabled RDF system for mainstream Web projects. It is written in PHP and has been optimized for shared (or otherwise performance- or privilege-limited) Web environments.

ARC facilitates the integration of RDF and SPARQL functionality in PHP/MySQL-driven frameworks.

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