Links - PHP Wikis and Knowledge Wikis

Nov 4 2009: Added Semantic MediaWiki, demo on server.

Oct 4 2009: Add Wikyblog. Updated WikkaWiki with info about burgeoning project for phpMyEdit package

Updated Jan 25 2009: added Kisimi and DokuWiki

There are several small, fast and powerful open source wikis that can be used as a full-featured CMS to for building small web sites and are fairly easy to extend and customize.

Links - Semantic Wikis

Jan 26 2009. derived from PHP Wikis and Knowledge Wikis.

Often referred to as "knowledge wikis", they are capable of providing some level of knowledge representation and management functions as well as the usual features available in traditional wikis. They may be the closest existing solution to some of the requirements for a Semantic Web ( however it gets defined ).

Links - Ruby Wikis and Content Management Systems

Jan 20 2009: created

There is a good collection of simple CMS and wiki gems available for Ruby webapps, most prominently the Ruby on Rails framework. In addition, there are several interface and integration frameworks either based on Rails or presented as alternatives to Rails which provide a solid foundation customized Ruby web applications.

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