Links - PHP Content Management Systems

Oct 14 2009: What's going on ! Yet another good small CMS emerges from the pack. Added phpSQLiteCMS.
Oct 10 2009: added Zikula CMS framework.
Oct 9 2009: added XMLNuke, XML CMS framework.
Oct 4 2009: discovered gpEasy CMS.

Links - Ruby Wikis and Content Management Systems

Jan 20 2009: created

There is a good collection of simple CMS and wiki gems available for Ruby webapps, most prominently the Ruby on Rails framework. In addition, there are several interface and integration frameworks either based on Rails or presented as alternatives to Rails which provide a solid foundation customized Ruby web applications.

Links - CakePHP Content Management Systems

Update Jan 24 2009: The new PageBakery repository is showing some activity !
Update Dec 4 2008: Mambo 5 movements
Update Sept 19 2008: Wildflower impressions and links

Doing the Mambo

The latest movements in the Mambo 5 project ( Nov 25th 2008 ) -

Links - Python Content Management System(s)

Jan 27 2009: more links,particularly Zwiki
Revised Oct 3 2008: it's still Plone as the premier Python CMS so far ... still looking.

Python is an admirable language in almost every way ( but don't get me going about 'self' in method calls - if Smalltalk programmers see 'self' all over the code, they add $10 to their hourly rate, usually well deserved ).

Links - Lanius CMS

Updated Sept 24 2008:

The Lanius website ( formerly known as the Drake CMS ) is up and running [ wild cheers and celebration !!! ]

They have make some of their first production releases of the small, quick and generally admirable CMS.

I'll install it and see ... stay tuned.


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