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Update Jan 24 2009: The new PageBakery repository is showing some activity !
Update Dec 4 2008: Mambo 5 movements
Update Sept 19 2008: Wildflower impressions and links

Doing the Mambo

The latest movements in the Mambo 5 project ( Nov 25th 2008 ) -

> When are we going to get this mambo 5 thing started? What's the first step?

We are starting just now ;)

I'll get the release notes ready for Monday ...

Also note the thread following the one above, a discussion of a Mambo Plugin for CakePHP.

News Flash: The End of an Era ?

I have had a chance to install and use the Wildflower CMS on a localhost configuration - it looks vey promising. Developer Róbert Starší ( "klevo" ) has worked very hard to build a solid little CMS. He does not yet recommend it for production sites, but I played around with wildflower-1.12 for several hours and had very few problems. The current release is wildflower-1.2-Beta2 for evaluation. Downloads include the 1.2.x version of CakePHP he is working with. I'm keeping it on my watchlist ... stay tuned.

Recently, he wrote a short article about Wildflower for



As of June 2008: with some edits since ...

There's a minor stampede going on to develop the first working stable CMS based on CakePHP. ( Note added. Jan 21. If so, the stampede is in ultra-slow motion. Not much has happened in the last few months ).

These efforts have been hampered a bit by the 'next release syndrome'. CakePHP version 1.2.x is now moving into the late beta phase and should have a stable release within a few months or so - in fact, the current beta releases are quite usable, even if some of the the new features are not finished.

Lumad CMS

Until the advent of Wildflower, Lumad was the leading contender for first workable CakePHP CMS, but there have been no releases in over a year - but it is still one of the most downloaded projects at CakeForge. It is suitable for small and medium sized websites, with an simple easy interface and WYSIWYG editor (FCKEditor).

An interesting thread by Lumad ( a.k.a. Cupcake ) developer Jason on the rationale for the CMS, its best uses and future direction.

Mambo'ing into CakePHP

When Mambo announcement in July 2007 that they were going to build Mambo version 5 on cakePHP, much was said. But little has been said since. The latest mention I can find is a forum post as of Jan 8 2008:

... Now, for the last bit of news - we are preparing for the development of Mambo 5.0. Mambo 5 will be a complete rewrite of Mambo, built on cakePHP. This is an exciting time for us and we will all be getting stuck into Mambo 5 as soon as we release 4.7, so its time for everyone to start thinking about what we want Mambo to become. ...

I'm still not sure what Mambo's intentions are. The most attractive feature of CakePHP CMS applications is that they are small and fast. How will Mambo 5 perform ? It may be better but will it be better enough.

Wait and see.


Other CMSs based on CakePHP

Note Dec 4 2008: Oven CMS

A recent addition is OvenCMS. See OvenCMS download on CakeForge.

I haven't had time to install it and look at it, but it seems to be full of features and plugins, including JQuery 1.2.6 and FCKEditor. You need to download and install CakePHP on your own. It says it requires version rc2, but the latest is rc3. Stay tuned.


Pagebakery ( site offline )

A very nice little demo of Pagebakery.

  • User: admin
  • PW: admin

Apparently, it uses EXT Javascript, which is interesting in its own right.

Webrocket - Trac

Webrocket describes their efforts as "very early alpha". It aims to be a powerful CMS that provides:

  • A fully featured Custom Content System, allows you to define how your content types are stored and displayed.
  • Output available in many API's - HTML + hAtom, RSS, JSON, REST, XML + XSL .
  • AJAX powered by jQuery, provides work-flow improvements, as well as "fancy" effects.
  • Template system that uses widgets to define where content sits (Easy Drag & Drop interface)
  • Admin system that is available on any page for rapid creation and editing of documents.
  • Asset Management for Images, Media and Documents. Allow upload, viewing and download of files.
  • Plugins to provide E-Commerce, Forums, Maps, Site Tracking.
  • WYSIWYG editing interface with a customized WymEditor.
  • 100% Open Source

You can either download Webrocket or browse the code. They have a decent wiki describing the application.

Ocean CMS

Small 260 KB, in alpha, last release March 2007.


Last release June 2006.

Tree-based CMS. from the site:

Small engine designed to build simple websites quickly.It has a modifiable tree structure. Each static page is editable, and can have a basic blog. It is quite easy to create a new object to hook on a node(page).

Davidicus CMS

From the site:

This CMS makes implementing unique designs a breeze without learning a templating API, etc. Also supports completely unique URL strings and is fabulously (and easily) SEO-friendly.

Content Manager Plug-In

The Content Manager plug-in allows a developer to edit the content of application models, which is helpful for building a small CMS.

The IGOCMS project is entirely inactive ( and in fact I've never been able to get it installed and working ), but might be useful as a point of reference.

BAdaptive CMS - No code released yet ( Jan 24 2009 ) !!! Apparently never will .....

Clever CMS - Ditto above ...