Links - Python Content Management System(s)

Jan 27 2009: more links,particularly Zwiki
Revised Oct 3 2008: it's still Plone as the premier Python CMS so far ... still looking.

Python is an admirable language in almost every way ( but don't get me going about 'self' in method calls - if Smalltalk programmers see 'self' all over the code, they add $10 to their hourly rate, usually well deserved ).

Links- Python Inference Engines

Oct 5 2009: PyKE 1.0.2 download, seems to be fairly active
Updated Jan 26 2009: new SimPy 2.0 release, Twisted framework, more links
Updated Oct 29 2008: added Narval

An important and growing segment of the rule engine world ... Python runs fast, a necessary requirement for all large rule-based applications.


Links - Python Language

Jan 31 2009, added EasyEclipse for Python IDE
Dec 13 20008: A few preliminary links ... and two new links on the Great Self Debate !

A Minor Harangue

I remember a time not so very long ago when I was required to spend an afternoon adding "^yourself " to the end of several hundred Smalltalk methods because "that's the right way to do it". I predict that the use of self in Python method arguments will persist for much the same reason.

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