Links - Ruby Wikis and Content Management Systems

Jan 20 2009: created

There is a good collection of simple CMS and wiki gems available for Ruby webapps, most prominently the Ruby on Rails framework. In addition, there are several interface and integration frameworks either based on Rails or presented as alternatives to Rails which provide a solid foundation customized Ruby web applications.

I have only had a chance to work with Radiant and Typo so far but the new Wagn Wiki/CMS and other applications look very interesting. More about them in the coming months.

The IOWA Framework seems to be a light-weight alternative to Rails. Amazingly, it has roots in the Smalltalk world via Avi Bryant, lead developer of the Seaside Web Application Framework ... fascinatin'. The project may be coming alive a bit, it's in the process of moving to a new site for the IOWA project.