Links - Mozilla Javascript and XUL

Oct 26 2009: there may be some activity for running Glade XML with XUL, new link for the Webglade Javascript library.
March 29 2009: moved server-side Javascipt, and added yet more links.
March 27 2009: added Jelix and Jaxer, more links.

See related content about Firefox and server-side Javascript.

Link - Smalltalk Projects at Apache.org

The purpose of the mod.smalltalk project is to integrate Smalltalk with the Apache Web Server via Fast CGI.

On the page describing Fast CGI, they say:

FastCGI is a fast, open, and secure Web server interface that solves the performance problems inherent in CGI, without introducing the overhead and complexity of proprietary APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Links -XML

March 27 2009: added XML Markup Languages for User Interface. This category neglected ...

Some Cetus links about XML, so far. Most of the Microsoft links are broken.


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