Links - Mozilla Javascript and XUL

Oct 26 2009: there may be some activity for running Glade XML with XUL, new link for the Webglade Javascript library.
March 29 2009: moved server-side Javascipt, and added yet more links.
March 27 2009: added Jelix and Jaxer, more links.

See related content about Firefox and server-side Javascript.

Some new XUL applications have had interesting possibilities, especially the SQLite Manager Extension. After a few years of initial enthusiasm and then subsequent languishing, it looks as if Mozilla XUL is finding wider acceptance and use, and perhaps a new wave of enthusiasm, call it 'latent enthusiasm'.

The Jelix PHP Framework is XUL aware. It's fairly big and complex, attempting something like a Ruby on Rails environment in PHP. Still evaluating ...

The Luxor XUL Toolkit is a collection of tools, mostly based on Java and Python, to build XUL UIs using XML transforms, a light weight web server, a portal engine, and a template engine, etc.. It's inactive: last release Feb 2005.

There's been talk for several years about a XUL version of the Glade GTK widget editor ( or a Glade-to-XUL or QT-to-XUL XML translator, or whatever ). One of XUL's major deficiencies is the lack of a good, drag-and-drop GUI editor. Also see the MozGlade project ( last release May 2000 ).

Another XUL-aware application is Gul, a XUL to GTK widget parser implemented in PHP. It understands how to turn XUL into GTK widgets, so the same logic might be useful for importing XUL into Glade.