Links - Server Side Javascript

June 30 2009: AppJet ends its free hosting and shelves AppJet. Adios, amigo !
April 6 2009: server side Javascript content makes its second and final move to its own page.

Tales from the Server Side

See a recent article What Server Side JavaScript Needs.

Links- Javascript

March 29 2009: added sections about Mozilla, server-side Javascript, AppJets, links, etc.
March 22 2009: added WYMeditor

The only ubiquitous thing in the web universe ... also see ECMAScript.

Also see Server Side Javascript.

Links - Mozilla Javascript and XUL

Oct 26 2009: there may be some activity for running Glade XML with XUL, new link for the Webglade Javascript library.
March 29 2009: moved server-side Javascipt, and added yet more links.
March 27 2009: added Jelix and Jaxer, more links.

See related content about Firefox and server-side Javascript.

Link- Prolog in Javascript

From the site: "This prolog is enhanced with the JavaScript callout capability though a rudimentary external/3 call; see the arithmetic functions for examples".

A link to History.

Links- Javascript RDF/OWL

The preeminent tool for RDF parsing in Javascript must be the Tabulator project at CSAIL. The Tabulator 0.7 demo is fairly impressive and gives one a good sense of what RDF is about, but don't expect it to run quick. The new version 0.8 is over 200KBytes ( tgz-ippped ! ).

A MIT student did some work with a stripped-down version of the RDF parser to good effect.

Links - Javascript Inference Engines

March 28 2009: added links, few edits. revisiting subject in general

There are some Javascript oldies but goodies to be found on the Web.

There was an active Javascript inference engine at CNLP ( Syracuse Univeristy ) at some point, but it may be moribund. From the site:

Link - Xajax

From the site: "xajax is an open source PHP class library that allows you to easily create powerful, web-based, Ajax applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP".

There is also a fairly inactive Xajax module project at Drupal, although it may be lurking to life again, because some one did the Xajax upgrade for Drupal 5.1 recently.


Link - jQuery

From the jQuery site: "jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages".

jQuery is also the base Javascript library in Drupal.

Also see the Weblink to PQuery.

Link - PQuery

From the PQuery site:

PQuery is a set of helper classes for JQuery JavaScript library.This library allows you to easily integrate AJAX , Effects and other JQuery functionality into your PHP scripts.IT has a small foot print and is compatible with PHP4 and PHP5.

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