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One of the more popular classes in any OO environment is the Process class. The Squeak implementation of Smalltalk even has a special OSProcess plugin to the virtual machine ( VM ) that provides 'eyeball-to-eyeball' OS level support for threads. I keep trying to come up with big XML workloads to test the limits of the stdin/stdout channels.

Links - Squeak Smalltalk

March 19 2009: Squeakland-EToys updated, see the EToys download page.
Updated July 10 2008: Pharo - new, leaner fork of Squeak. See related link.

From Wikipedia on Squeak Smalltalk:

Links - Seaside Hosting Examples

Note: my understanding of these services is evolving and may be incorrect at this point. Updates coming soon probably ...

Of course, the best example of a Seaside-powered site may be the Seaside site itself. But there are several interesting ( and either cheap or free ) hosting sites for Seaside web applications.

Smalltalk - The Language That Refuses to Die

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Mea Culpa

First, I offer the reader a confession: I gave Smalltalk up for dead ten years ago.

I'm not proud of it. I had a choice between being an advocate of superior software technology or being an up-to-date payer of mortgages. I decided on mortgage payments. In the intervening years of C++, Visual Basic and Java, I didn't look back too much. Other than recalling how I solved a problem in Smalltalk and an occasional bout of Squeak watching, Smalltalk was a thing of the past.

The Great SOA Versus OO Debate


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Links - Smalltalk and RDF/OWL

Updated: Sept 10 2007

There is a small but persistent Smalltalk/OWL project. From their project information page:

The Smalltalk OWL Project was launched 1 Jan 06, the overview of the effort is:

Link - Smalltalk Projects at

The purpose of the mod.smalltalk project is to integrate Smalltalk with the Apache Web Server via Fast CGI.

On the page describing Fast CGI, they say:

FastCGI is a fast, open, and secure Web server interface that solves the performance problems inherent in CGI, without introducing the overhead and complexity of proprietary APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Link - VisualWorks Smalltalk

VisualWorks Smalltalk has drifted and evolved across the years eventually winding up with CINCOM. While not Open Source, it is a mature product and CINCOM has a liberal download policy for non-commercial use. They encourage you to register before downloading, but do not absolutely require you to do so, which shows the right spirit.

Links -Smalltalk

Updated: Sept 10 2007 is the main link - it's a good kick-off point for Smalltalk adventures. The site is also a good resource, even if some of the event announcements are several years old.

A great list of free Smalltalk books on the web.

Links - Smalltalk Web Servers: Seaside and AIDA/Web

Updated Sept 7 2008: added seaBreeze link


To get a good feel for Seaside development environment, read the excellent technical introduction by Shaffer Consulting.

Note that the article was written in 2005 and may be obsolete in parts. For example, Seaside now supports several object-oriented databases, including Gemstone.

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