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Most of the technically-oriented content on the subject of inference engines is on the Development site.

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Most of the content about technical aspects of Information Technology is on the Development site, including information about specific business-rule products, rule engine design, computer languages, etc. Follow one of the the links listed below for more technically oriented content.

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Oct 8 2009: I've neglected the subject but there seems to be growing interest in business rules management.

James Taylor wrote an short article about business rule management ( BRM ) a few days ago, Business Rules Management – the misunderstood partner to process.

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Oct 6 2009: added link, changed page title.


Peter Suber was a research professor at Earlham College until recently. His tutorials on logic and logical mathematics are among the most concise and accessible to be found on the web, and probably ever written.

From the preface to "Translation Tips":

In this hand-out I treat the notation of truth-functional propositional logic and first-order predicate logic as a language, and give guidance on translating from English into this foreign language.

Personal Knowledge Management

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Aug 29 2009: skeleton of some ideas.

From Wikipedia:

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Revised Feb 23 2009: will get more attention in coming months

A year ago, the subject of Semantic Web Services might have been considered visionary. In fact, several of the early corporate efforts were canceled or abandoned ( such as Microsoft's GoDotNet ). At best, the technolgy has been static.

But that is not the case today. Several popular web development tools and packages ( such as the Drupal Services project ) are making the vision a concrete reality.

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Added Jan 20 2009: new section for Business Rules of Thumb
Updated Sept 16 2008: new links

The Grand Daddy of business rules sites is Business Rule Community, run by Ron Ross. They make you sign up in order to see most of their articles, but it's well worth the time to sign up. The content is excellent. They send you a newsletter about once a month - no big mailing lists, no spamming.

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Revised Dec 2 2008:: many new links

A Spot of Philosophy

Conceptual modeling has two disticnt aspects: one os concepts and the other is modeling. That may sound trivial, but within that statemnt are complexities and important consequences. One can be come almost mysitcal about it.

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Update Oct 29 2008

Interesting article about "A Wen of Rules" from 2003.

Also some Benjamin Grosof links from 2005.

Healthcare - the New Frontier for Rule Systems ( again )

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Feb 6 2009: Fair Isaac and ILOG Rules for COBOL.
Oct 20 2008: extracted from another article and expanded.

Every few years for the past 20 years, there has been an initiative to bring a higher level of information technology to the health care industry. It gives one a strong sense of having seen it all before.