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Aug 29 2009: skeleton of some ideas.

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Links- Knowledge Representation and the Semantic Web

Updated Oct 3 2008:

The representation of knowledge in general, particularly as it applies to the SemWeb.

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Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Incorporated (KR, Inc.) is a Scientific Foundation incorporated in the state of Massachusetts of the United States of America concerned with fostering research and communication on knowledge representation and reasoning.



Link - Ontologies for Bioinformatics

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This article on ontologies in bioinformatics seeks to resolve problems in the standardization of nomenclature in the domain of biology and bioinformatics for text mining and data integration. While intended primarily for biotech, it is very concise and well-formulated and useful to anyone constructing an ontology.

Links - Ontologies and Organizations

The general definition of ontology at Wikipedia ( versus the computer science definition given in the main link ) is "a study of conceptions of reality and the nature of being". In some ways, the general definition is more appropriate to modeling organizations - the target audience for an organizational ontology is people, not computers.

The shortest and most intuitive definition of term ontology is 'a description of things that be'. For most purposes, it may be the best definition.

Links - CommonKADS

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According to Wikipedia, the definition of CommonKADS is "a methodology to support structured knowledge engineering."

An interesting variation includes Multiagent Systems ( MAS-CommonKADS ). In the article A Methodological Proposal for Multiagent Systems Development extending CommonKADS, the major constituents of the CommonKADS Agent are: