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Welcome to Currently, this is site offers three categories of subject matter, collected into three different areas. Each has a different perspective or content format.

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1 - This area ( "Home" ) presents overviews of the site, plans for the future, general areas of interest and, not least, summaries of my professional history and experience.

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As of Sept 2009: it has become clear to me that promoting advanced business rules technology in America is a fool's errand so long as our IT industry is dominated by foreign employment agencies and foreign workers - literally Americans need not apply.

This site will increasing devote itself to reducing or eliminating anti-competitive government programs which earmark American IT jobs for cheap foreign labor: that is the H1B program and its kin.

Where's It All Going ?

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As of Sept 16 2008:

It's over a year since I updated this page. It's not a terribly important page, not many people see it or care about it. Things have gotten done anyway, although I haven't had nearly enough time to do it all. There have been new installations of interesting applications, incremental improvements, inconsistencies ironed out, small battles won.

Recent and Pending Changes

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A note about the "Recent Changes" page. It describes changes to the structure of this site or to the Drupal Content Management System driving it. It really an administrative page for myself, to remind myself where I am in the myriad sub-projects that proliferate around a website.