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Business Rules Technology and Rule-Based Systems

"Inference Engines for Everyone"

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An Overview of Business Rules




An overview of business rule technology and business rules methodology.  Does business rules technology hold the key to the success of the Semantic Web ?      

A small section about business rules methodologies.

How business rule technology can help users to utilize the emerging technology of the Semantic Web.

Rule Based Systems


Logical Inference

Conceptual Modeling

Designing Rule Based Systems

Workflow Modeling

An overview of the rule based systems.  

The three modes of logical inference

A conceptual modeling toolkit, Using design patterns to model rules and generic tasks. 

Various issues surrounding designing and managing rule bases.

Special considerations for modeling workflows in a rule based environment.

The Semantic Web 

- Overview, What Is It ?

- Semantic Services

- SW And Rule Based Systems

- Examples

Competing definitions of the Semantic Web.

Semantic Services and the emergence of the Service Oriented Architecture.

Lessons of rule based systems for the Semantic Web.

Early examples of the Semantic Web.

Simple Rule Engines

( Coming Eventually  )

- Toward a Semantic Web

 - Rule Engine Requirements

- Rule Engine Design

- A Simple Rule Engine Demo

An introduction to simple rule engines and a description of the basic design of a Semantic-Web-worthy inference engine.  A 'paper' rule engine.  

Some strategies for implementing various inference mode with rule engines.   

A more extended example and a preliminary rule editor application.

Links and Things

- Subject Index ( preliminary )

- Links and References

- Footnotes

Collected links and references in one place, organized by subject.

Also interspersed footnotes, comments and ruminations about other approaches and technologies which may or may not be useful.   



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