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Note that this was is a skeletal section back is the beginning of 2006, but links below are still useful.  More links can be found at Semantic Web Examples on the Technical site. Eventually, this page will be republished from the Drupal CMS as a static HTML page.

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The status is highly fluid- it will probably change at least one a week until mid-2007.  In fact, the Semantic Web Org link is not even functional yet, but they assure us that it will be functional very soon so I have included it.

The situation is evolving very rapidly.  Many links which were valid just a few weeks ago are no not to be found.   The presentation of this content may turn out to be more appropriate for a blog or a wiki or some other medium than traditional 'published' web pages.  


Sites Mindswap claims to be the first site on the semantic web.  They may be right.  Note the social side, the people aspects of the site.



Semantic Search Engines I

Swoogle, a Semantic Web Google.

There is a subproject of Mindswap is called SHOE, Simple HTML Ontology Extensions .




The Semantic Web Orghas a main page up but that's about all ( as of December 18th ). Stay tuned.                          





RBS and the Semantic Web


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