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Making a Living from Open Source Software

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Updated March 20 2009:

The best and most complete survival guide for serious open source development is Producing Open Source Software - How to Run a Successful Free Software Project. It is free, comes in various formats, is full of useful advice and best practices for open source developers. It is even well-organized and well-written.

Now you've got all the tools necessary for success in open source, what are you waiting for ? A product idea, perhaps ? ;-)

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Feb 19 2009: added MoinMoin bounties.
Note from Nov 25 2008: Apparently, making a living from Open Source is a big subject whose time has arrived, if the number of hits on this page is any indication. This section will grow and may split in the coming months.

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OReily - Open Source Open Content Paradigm Shift

" ... the open source story is far from over, and its lessons far from completely understood. Rather than thinking of open source only as a set of software licenses and associated software development practices, we do better to think of it as a field of scientific and economic inquiry, one with many historical precedents, and part of a broader social and economic story".

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