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Updated Sept 29 2008: see end of article

I finally got XAMPP working correctly on multisession CD. No, not symlinks, although it looked like it for a while.

Copy down from the Puppy Linux Discussion Forum:

When reading through the XAMPP FAQ pages, I noticed a question about why images weren't showing. The explanation was that with some Linux releases there are "special problems". For some reason, XAMPP has a problem with Puppy mulitsession and but not with a Puppy disk installation ( who knew ? ). The fix is a very simple.

The fix is:

1 - find /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf [ usually symlinked to /root/my-applications ]

2 - uncomment the lines EnableMMAP off and EnableSendFile off

Presto, one has a working XAMPP server running off of a multisession CD remastered from disk. Not only is it an inherently incorrupible server, it's also an installable backup of the disk partition. Basic Puppy, XAMPP, NVu and a few other goodies in an .sfs under 150 Meg. Amazing ! ...

So far. it's looks as if creating a new PET package for XAMPP 1.62 may be as simple as converting the install script.

Or a lighter verison than 1.62 with fast Filezilla in it.


Update Sept 29 2008: Here is a posting from 2006 that I missed.

Posting by billstclair in in the Puppy Forum:

Just installed xampp on my Puppy 2.00 hd installation. I'm didn't want to fill up my pup_save.3fs file, so I put the lampp directory in /mnt/home and softlinked it to /opt/lampp.

Here's bascially what I did after downloading the .tar.gz file to /mnt/home:

cd /mnt/home
mkdir lampp
cd lampp
tar -xzf ../xampp*.gz
mkdir /opt
ln -s /mnt/home/lampp /opt/lampp
/opt/lampp/lampp start

Then I aimed my web browser at http://localhost/. Presto!

Added "/opt/lampp/lampp start &" to /etc/rc.d/rc.local so that it will start at boot time. Haven't tested that yet (I did everything via ssh to the server machine from my laptop).

Only drawback. Xampp is big. 53 meg download, expands to 183 megs.

Installed the SMF forum. Works good.


Here's another one I missed, from ecomoney in forum topic Xampp 1.5.0 - Apache with MySQL, PHP and Perl:

Hi, I had some problems with 1.5.0, the apache would fail to load after a while (did this several times). We use it a lot and it happed everytime, needing a re-installation.

Ive just managed to get the latest version (1.5.2) going on my puppy. THis is how I did it.

1) Download the 1.5.2- tar.gz package from Apachefriends, put it in, in this instance "my-applications"

2) right click in the my-applications directory and select "xterm-here" (or just press the " ` " key in the top left corner...nice trick that!!

3) type "tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.5.2.tar.gz"

4) the files will now uncompress (might take a while).

5). type "lampp start". Xampp will complain about there being a missing file in the "/root" directory. Were gonna make this file manually.

6) go to the root folder in ROXX, right click>new>blank file . Call it /root/.xamppdir" - dont forget the full stop between the / and the x !!!! (this makes the file hidden by default I think)

7) a new file will be created called .xamppdir, open it in a text editor of your choice and enter the path to your xampp installation, in this example it would be


Cool Save, go back to the terminal and type "lampp start" and you *should* be away!!!

Don't know how I missed these for so long.


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