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Sept 5 2012 - BBcom manages a Hobbling Lope back on the Web

The new Python-based cms is looking very promising. It should provide a higher level of security than two years ago, even if it will be lacking in features and usability in general. There is also the beginning of a wiki to replace the 2 or 3 old PHP systems that were troublesome to work with.

The semantic tags part of the system is turning out to be fairly tricky, but I may be able to implement some Sematic Mediawiki type functions with a minimum of effort, far easier to do in Python than PHP. In the meantime, the Home site has a form of rudimentary tagging.

Under construction, but at least it is actively under construction, which a big improvement ...

Aug 5 2012 - Still Limping Back On the Web

Stirrings of life ... see a python prototype for the new BBcom home page running as CGI. And, believe it or not, running pretty quickly despite being CGI !

Very few of these links are any good. Still working on it ...

July 6 2010 - Limping Back On the Web

This site has been non-extant for the last month. The hackers got me again, but much worse. Every PHP file on my site had an evil eval string inserted into it. Evals are evil anyway, but this one was particularly evil.

I'm still now entirely sure how it happened. Some content is still unavailable/forbidden. I will restore the old content as time permits.

So, BBDotCom is mostly up for now but may not be up for long. We shall see what we shall see.

Also see the posting about the first attack from March 13 2010.

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