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Aug 5 2012 - Still Limping Back On the Web

Stirrings of life ... see a python prototype for the new BBcom home page running as CGI. And, believe it or not, running pretty quickly despite being CGI !

Very few of these links are any good. Still working on it ...

July 6 2010 - Limping Back On the Web

This site has been non-extant for the last month. The hackers got me again, but much worse. Every PHP file on my site had an evil eval string inserted into it. Evals are evil anyway, but this one was particularly evil.

I'm still now entirely sure how it happened. Some content is still unavailable/forbidden. I will restore the old content as time permits.

So, BBDotCom is mostly up for now but may not be up for long. We shall see what we shall see.

Also see the posting about the first attack from March 13 2010.

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Business rule concepts and standards

Home Site


Rule engines, products and technology

Development Site


Defintions, ontologies, indexing into Wikipedia



Semantic Mediawiki Demo

Semantic Wiki

About SemWiki Demo

What Are BBcom Sites About ?

The sites above are about developing simple implementations of rule engines for the Semantic Web, built from Open Source components utilizing my 20 years of experience in business rules and rule-based systems technology.

An Overview of Business Rules

An overview of business rule technology methodologies. Does business rules technology hold the key to the success of the Semantic Web ? How business rule technology can help users to utilize the emerging technology of the Semantic Web ?

The Semantic Web - What Is It ?

Competing definitions of the Semantic Web, Semantic Services and the emergence of the Service Oriented Architecture, SW And Rule Based Systems and Examples of the Semantic Web Semantic Services.

Rule Based Systems

Covering topics such as conceptual modeling and conceptual modeling toolkit, the three modes of logical inference and designing and managing rule bases.

Simple Rule Engines

An introduction to simple rule engines and a description of the basic design of a Semantic-Web-worthy inference engine. A 'paper' rule engine. Rule Engine Requirements. Rule Engine Design. A Simple Rule Engine Demo. Some strategies for implementing various inference mode with rule engines. A more extended example and a preliminary rule editor application.

Considerations for Workflow Modeling

Workflow Modeling - Special considerations for modeling workflows in a rule based environment.

What will be the Result ?

The result should be both powerful enough and simple enough for a detail-oriented, but non-technical business person to solve everyday problems encountered in knowledge-intensive tasks, particularly those associated with the Semantic Web.

Other Resources

Collected links and references in one place, organized by subject. Hundreds of links ...

About This Site!

Installed Oct 7th 2008, this PmWiki site has been working very nicely. It's quick and powerful. Take a look at the page source to see an example of Table Directives. Powerful and extensible. more about
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