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Note: updated March 27, 2008

The Development site is more technical than the Home site, still on the subject of inference engines and the Semantic Web, but focusing on technology such as open source packages, computer languages and 'intelligent' systems in general. Most of the content is links to products or projects.

Moving On - Hosting Plans and Sevices

Time for a change from shared hosting ...

... a VPS or what ?



Pear Modules Supported on Hostmonster.com


List of supported PEAR Modules.

While every box varies, here is a general list.

All packages:
Package Latest Local
APC 3.0.8
Cache 1.5.4
Cache_Lite 1.6.0
memcache 2.0.1
apd 1.0.1
parsekit 1.0
perl 0.6
PHP_Compat 1.5.0
PHP_CompatInfo 1.0.0
Var_Dump 1.0.2
Xdebug 1.3.2
Archive_Tar 1.3.1 1.1
bz2 1.0
Contact_Vcard_Build 1.1.1
Contact_Vcard_Parse 1.31.0
Fileinfo 1.0.3
File_Archive 1.5.3
File_Bittorrent 1.0.0
File_Fstab 2.0.2
File_HtAccess 1.1.0
File_Passwd 1.1.6

Installed Features

Links - Weblinks
tinyMCE Editor
Taxonomy Menu

The Day I Became a Dot Com

First of all, there was more to it than signing up with HostMonster.

About a year ago ( Fall 2005 ), I was browsing in a book store and picked up Jeffrey Gitomer's "Little Red Book of Selling", containing Jeffrey's "12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness". While sales adequacy is more my objective than sales greatness, I was impressed by the variety of good marketing ideas and the strength of his writing. It's a great book for anyone who sells anything, including software consultants such as myself.

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