About The Development Site

Note: updated March 27, 2008

The Development site is more technical than the Home site, still on the subject of inference engines and the Semantic Web, but focusing on technology such as open source packages, computer languages and 'intelligent' systems in general. Most of the content is links to products or projects.

I had planned, at some point, to integrate the Javascript Ultrasimple Rule Engine demo and see if I could develop a more powerful Javascript interface to Drupal for inferencing, perhaps using some of the the Ajax modules that are starting to appear.

However, the recent advent of the Workflow_NG module and Rules Engine project at Drupal has changed the situation. It really looks as if Drupal 7 might integrate rule engine and inferencing capabilities in the core ( believe it or not ). In other words, an actual usable inference engine for everyone. Amazing.

The Workflow Demo site is brand new and still not in a presentable form, but will probably occupy my spare hours in the coming months. The Drake CMS and CakePHP are also lurking in the background, but will probably not get much attention until the end of 2008.