Link - KDE 4 Windows

Feb 27 2009: updates
May 22 2009: update on Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE 4.2

In addition to the plethora of great Linux applications running on Windows via GTK, QT and Java, there is now a fairly stable version of KDE4 for Windows. It's still not entirely stable and requires some effort to get going, but at this rate my old Windows 2000 system may make it to the year 3000 !!!

andLinux - A New Level of Linux/Windows Interoperability ?

An interesting development in the evolution of Linux, almost a new species of Linux as it were.

andLind is a native port of the Linux kernel and Ubuntu to run as an application under Windows 2000. The two versions support either XFCE or KDE. With a few restrcitions.

Link - Novell CEO: "The number one thing we need on Linux is applications"

During a speech to a Linux audience on the necessity of "standardizing" Linux, Novell President and CEO Ron Hovsepian continues the thought expressed above by saying, 

"We need the software vendors to have their footprints on Linux. On Windows, application availability is their biggest advantage."

He seems to be talking about the Microsoft model of standardization, that is by being the one and only application.

Is Suse Dead ?

Anyone interested in the Linux operating system has almost certainly heard about the Microsoft "License Agreement" with Novell to exempt Suse Linux from unstated patent infringements. If not, the high level executive summary runs like this.


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