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Welcome to Currently, this is site offers three categories of subject matter, collected into three different areas. Each has a different perspective or content format.

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1 - This area ( "Home" ) presents overviews of the site, plans for the future, general areas of interest and, not least, summaries of my professional history and experience.

2- The technically-oriented area ( "Development" ) is mostly undeveloped at this time, but will become a platform for creating demos of rule based systems, especially in regards to advancements in the PHP/XML technology supporting the Semantic Web. As a development platfrom, it may or may not be functioning at any given time.

3 - The third area ( "Top Page" ) is an extended tutorial-style presentation about Business Rules, Rule Based Systems and the Semantic Web. It is in static HTML format and easier on connection bandwidth and workstation resources than the other two sites. The content is more extensive than the new Home and Development sites.

The menu on the left provides basic navigation for overviews of the site and my professional history/accomplishments.

At the top are links to the development and tutorial areas of the site.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy it.

- Bill Breitmayer

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