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After an initial career start in marketing while pursuing an MBA at Pace Graduate School of Business, I got a foothold in the computer industry in 1979 as a Programmer Analyst for Stolt-Nielsen in Greenwich Connecticut.

In 1981, I joined International Systems at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in New York as a Senior Programmer Analyst.

In 1985, I moved to Boston to work at Wang Laboratories in Lowell Mass. After a few years in IT, I transfered to the Research and Development organization as a Principal Software Engineer where I helped to create one of the first successful expert systems.

In 1991, I started the Breitmayer Company, specializing in business rules and knowledge-intensive applications in the manufacturing, telecommunications and financial services.

Since 1991, my major projects include both enterprise-level design and architecture for large corporations such as Fidelity, U.S. Health Care, General Motors and software development for smaller, market-driven companies such as Kronos and Authoria.

In the past few years, my technical focus has shifted from heavy-duty Smalltalk / C++ middleware to more service-oriented Java/PHP web applications. I expect that in the coming few years, the Semantic Web will extend the foundation technologies of business rules and knowledge-based applications into areas undreamed of in 1979.

My major asset as a software developer is a strong background in the nuts-and-bolts of building complex knowledge-intensive applications combined with a broad understanding of all facets of the business of software development.


- Bill Breitmayer

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