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... the job site for Business Rule Engine Architects.

Not all are statutory H1B postings, some are definitely non-H1B agencies. Others say explicitly that they offer no HB1 sponsorships, perhaps because they already have their own H1Bs lined up for the contract ? It's possible.

Suspiciously, some ask for a bunch of exotic rule engine and other skills ( unlikely that they will find the skills locally ) ... then they offer a rate of $40-45 ( H1B territory ). Ouch.

Forty to forty-five an hour may sound like good money until you work out how much it will cost to travel to and live in a distant city in order to get the contract ( expense reimbursements are virtually unknown these days ). It ain't cheap, maybe $800-1000 per week for plane, car rental, hotels, food, etc.

H1Bs also enjoy the advantage of not having to maintain a home with a mortgage, utilities, etc. in addition to the expense associated with the contract. Inevitably, they will net more income out of a contract than an American competitor, unless the American is a sort of "homeless consultant", which is not unheard of.

American IT in the early 21st century is a strange world - how can young Americans plan a 20 to 30 year career under these circumstances ? Thanks to our government's job destruction policies of the last decade, we are all strangers in a strange land.


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