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Getting the Ball Rolling

One often encounters situations where an proposed or existing project needs a clear vision or high business visibility, or one that is not completing its mission due to incomplete or outdated project plan.

I have a rare combination of technology, business and communication skills that allows me to pull together business specifications and technical designs in a short time.

I have worked successfully as a technical generalist and modeling guru for high-level business analysts doing requirements specification. I understand the technical environment and can recognize design 'hot spots' early in the specification process. Often, I will work as a specialist in a larger business rule initiative or at least one that has a strong business rules component.

Typically, I can produce an evaluation of the potential benefits of a business rule approach within a few weeks. I'm not a major consulting business, so I little overhead and my frees are relatively low. We are talking thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, modest by the standards of most big business rule consulting partnerships.

First Steps

The basic steps are:

  • Understand the big picture and find out of yours is the right situation for business rules.
  • Gather more detailed information gathering and conduct on-site interviews.
  • Entering, merging, updating, editing and hammering together a plan.
  • Presenting findings, reviewing and finishing the plan.
  • Determine the next step.

I live in Boston and can get to most points on the East Coast and Central regions without a large expense of time and effort.

Contact me and see if we can put together a business rules plan for your organization.


Bill Breitmayer ( )




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