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As of Sept 2009: it has become clear to me that promoting advanced business rules technology in America is a fool's errand so long as our IT industry is dominated by foreign employment agencies and foreign workers - literally Americans need not apply.

This site will increasing devote itself to reducing or eliminating anti-competitive government programs which earmark American IT jobs for cheap foreign labor: that is the H1B program and its kin.

As of Oct 4 2009: I wll be moving the H1B articles to my new Job Nut blog site at

As of Sept 2008:

The three primary subject areas are Business Rules, Rules Based Systems and the Semantic Web.

The long-term objective is to building and/or implement simple examples of inference engines suitable for the Semantic Web using Open Source components. The result should be both powerful enough and simple enough for a non-technical business person to solve everyday problems encountered in knowledge-intensive tasks.


An Overview of Business Rules

Introduction - An overview of business rule technology and business rules methodology. Does business rules technology hold the key to the success of the Semantic Web ?

Methodology - about business rules methodologies.

Technology - How business rule technology can help users to utilize the emerging technology of the Semantic Web.


Rule Based Systems

Overview - An overview of the rule based systems, particularly definitions which are lacking.

Conceptual and Workflow Modeling - A conceptual modeling toolkit, Using design patterns to model rules and generic tasks.

Designing Rule Based Systems - Various issues surrounding designing and managing rule bases. Special considerations for modeling workflows in a rule based environment.

The Semantic Web and Rule Based Systems - Lessons of rule based systems for the Semantic Web.


The Semantic Web

What Is It ? - Competing definitions of the Semantic Web.

Semantic Services - Semantic Services and the emergence of the Service Oriented Architecture.

Examples - Early examples of the Semantic Web.


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