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Sept 16 2008:

Two years after creating the "Major Projects" category, I finally decided to post something to it. I had originally intended to have a separate page for each of a dozen or so my best projects. I've have not had the time to write the pages and also have not felt a real need or motivation to do either.

Now, the projects of the past only interest me in terms of what I can bring out of them into the present, rather than a "stroll down memory lane" as I had anticipated. Maybe I will want to take that stroll ten years in the future.

Most of the projects can be classified as business rules in a broad sense of the term. Some are implementations of business rules with actual rule engines. Others are implementation of rule management and publishing applications, where the rules are be implemented with database tables and a complex navigation engine that works similar to rule engines.

Several projects were actual expert systems, with real live human experts, a knowledge elicitation process, inference engines and the whole nine yards. They are probably the most interesting projects I've had. I plan to write an long summary of those projects, eventually.



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