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Revised Sept 7-12 2008: Added IBM and many other links

This site is primarily about open source solutions, so the honor of precedence goes to the Open SOA Collaboration. The organization is not very active, but it moves along over time.

From the home page:

The Open SOA Collaboration represents an informal group of industry leaders that share a common interest: defining a language-neutral programming model that meets the needs of enterprise developers who are developing software that exploits Service Oriented Architecture characteristics and benefits.

A PDF presentation created by David Linthicum titled 12 Steps towards SOA with some good advice to IT managers about adopting SOA technology.

Another rather slick presentation titled SOA for the Web and Extreme SOA, emphasizing the 'radical simplification' possible with 'agile' SOA technologies ( by the way, 'radical simplification' and 'agility' are hot stuff these days, even the politicos are getting in on the act ! ). The presentation shows IBM's entry into the extreme programming market and pretty much hits all the marketing buttons in the process. It attempts to outline a vision of the SOA development environment and suggests a solid application architecture for achieving it. Does it succeed in the goal ? I'm not sure.


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