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According to Wikipedia, the definition of CommonKADS is "a methodology to support structured knowledge engineering."

An interesting variation includes Multiagent Systems ( MAS-CommonKADS ). In the article A Methodological Proposal for Multiagent Systems Development extending CommonKADS, the major constituents of the CommonKADS Agent are:


  • Service: facilities offered to the rest of agents to satisfy their goals. It can perform one task of the TM, and has five attributes: name, type, task, and ingredients.
  • Goal: objectives of the agents. The goal has the following attributes: name, description, type and ingredients. The goals can be satisfied according to the reasoning capabilities of the agent described below.
  • Reasoning capabilities: requirements on the agent's expertise imposed by the task assignment. These are realized by one or several expertise models that model how these capabilities are achieved. Here is modelled how the agent reason on its environment to achieve its goals.
  • General capabilities: Skills (sensors and effectors to manipulate the environment), and languages the agent understands (Agent Communication Languages and Knowledge Representation Languages).
  • Constraints: norms, preferences and permissions of the agent. The norms and preferences have special interest in the case of MAS. For example, they are used to model when an agent decide to negotiate and are realized by one or several expertise models.

The Coordination Model is also significantly enhanced for Agents with message sequences and event flow diagrams to model the behavior and interactions between agents.




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