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The main link is to Oracle - Semantic Technologies Center. so far .... From the site:

Semantic Technologies are designed to extend the capabilities of information on the Web and enterprise systems to be networked in meaningful ways. ... Oracle Spatial 11g introduces the industry's first open, scalable, secure and reliable RDF management platform. Based on a graph data model, RDF triples are persisted, indexed and queried, similar to other object-relational data types.

An interesting list of applicaton domains from What Oracle Brings to Semantic Technologies?

The experiences in the following domains have been key in helping to advance this technology.

  • Web Metadata: Providing information about Web resources and systems that use them (content rating, capabilities, privacy)
  • Life Sciences Applications: Query knowledge bases that can vary from simple taxonomies to full fledged ontologies
  • Social Network Applications: Friend of a Friend applications, social network tracking and navigation common in security and intelligence applications
  • Semantic Information Integration: Define shared, central business information model (ontology) to support information sharing across applications
  • Semantic Web: Enable automated processing of Web information by software agents
  • Portals and e-Marketplace Applications: Ability to query large amounts of metadata

More like "What Brings Oracle to Semantic Web Technologies", but never mind ...




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