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Updated Sept 27 2008: more links

Most of the methodologies described in these business rule sites are waaay more than is needed for a simple 'semantic web rule' methodology. They are shooting for 99.99% completeness and accuracy in transaction process systems that may be driving multi-billion dollar business units. The goals of this enterprise are far more modest.

One of the great 'classics' of business rules is the article Defining Business Rules ~ What Are They Really?. It lays out the foundation of the popular GUIDE methodology.

The GUIDE Business Rules Project was organized in November 1993 to formalize an approach for identifying and articulating the rules that define the structure and control the operation of an enterprise.

The acknowledgments at the end are like a roll call of the BR Greats. For a high levle overview, a good place to start is Appendix A - The Complete Model.

Terry Moriarty is one of the earliest and most prolific practitioners of the art. You'll need to click around a bit to find the good stuff. Select one of the subjects from the main menu to the right and when the subject appears, click on the "related articles" to the lower right. There you will find reprints of his many excellent articles in Database Programming and Design and Intelligent Enterprise.

David C. Hay been in the field for many years. He has many good articles on his Essential Strategies site.

Terry Halpin created a very powerful methodology called Object Role Modeling ( ORM ), with a simple and intuitive graphical modeling notation. There is nicely written article from Microsoft with an extended example of Object Role Modeling, Object Role Modeling: An Overview.


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