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From their SEKT in a Nutshell brochure:

SEKT is a European research and development project launched in January 2004 with a lifetime of three years ...

... SEKT is developing automated techniques for extracting meaning from the Web. By generating structured descriptions of Web pages (using ontologies) SEKT is making those pages machine-processable and enabling computers to analyse information more intelligently.

The project produced several dozen components for reasoning with ontologies, including PROTON and KAON2. They have gotten some attention on this side of the Atlantic. As far as I can tell, they are all open source.

An odd detail is the live links to the shadowy site, which has been in the process of relaunching itself for the past year or so. I had begun to suspect they were just squatting on the domain name until somebody made them an offer ( such things are not unheard of ), but apparently not. Still no links to the site content from the home page.


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