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From the Oracle Business Rules fact sheet:

The Oracle Business Rules components consist of a Rules engine; a Rules SDK, and a Rule Author Tool. The Oracle Rules Engine is written in Java. It is fast and efficient and well integrated with both Java and XML.

The Authoring tool presents an English-like paradigm for declaring Rules. It can be used by both programmers and business analysts. Programmers Rule-enable applications by defining Facts, used for Rules analysis, and the Actions/Results invoked as a result of such analysis. Business analysts can then define rules in terms of Facts and Actions.

The Authoring tool generates the Oracle Rules language in a repository for use by the Rules engine. This language provides outstanding integration with Java programs, Web services, and XML documents. The Oracle Rules language can be coded directly by programmers but is normally generated by high-level tools. A third component is a Rules SDK. The SDK allows Rules repository access and update by Rules generating programs. The SDK is attractive for applications that define policies via their own special graphic interfaces.

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