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From the W3.Org site

The Open Data Movement aims at making data freely available to everyone. There are already various interesting open data sources available on the Web. Examples include Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Geonames, MusicBrainz, WordNet, the DBLP bibliography and many more which are published under Creative Commons or Talis licenses.

There are already some data publishing efforts. Examples include the project, the Geonames Ontology, the D2R Server publishing the DBLP bibliography and the dbtune music server. There are also initial efforts to interlink these data sources. For instance, the dpedia RDF descriptions of cities includes owl:sameAs links to the Geonames data about the city ( Another example is the RDF Book Mashup which links book authors to paper authors within the DBLP bibliography.

Also see OpenLink Software and the OpenLink Ajax Toolkit (OAT ).

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