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It is interesting that the general view of rule-based systems as "rule-based expert systems" begs the question: is there such a thing as non-rule-based expert systems or rule-based non-expert systems ? I think the answer is yes.

For instance, the KBSC site mentions that the company "deals mostly with rulebased systems in the business world where they are sometimes referred to as Business Rule Management Systems, BRMS". In other words, rule-based non-expert systems, also know as business rules.

The lead at KBSC, James Owen, has written many articles about business rules and rule-based systems for Infoworld and other magazines.

He provides "a rather good link on First Order Propositional Logic (FOPL) at CMU". Written by Peter Suber, it is technically oriented but potentially understandable by people with some knowledge of logic but without an advanced computer science degree.



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