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A brief explanation about the unwieldy structure of this document ( as notes to myself if no one else ). The reader can skip this section by clicking on one of the links at the bottom of the page.

This is the start of six sections devoted to the subject of rule-based systems. The sections started out as static HTML and are ( slowly ) being converted to the Drupal CMS, with extensive reorganization and revision. Frankly, this document has been difficult to write, for reasons described in "Defining Rule Based Systems".

The second section, "Rule Based Systems for the Semantic Web", is in late draft form at the moment ... updates coming soon. It may eventually find its home in the Semantic Web document.

The subject of Conceptual Modeling was big enough to warrant its own presentation and has been split off from the original document. In fact, the subject may properly belong to Cognitive Science, although the term 'cognitive science' is still fairly hazy in itself.

The three remaining sections are still in old HTML form. They are:

Portions of the heretofore unpublished presentation for Rules Engines will probably wind up in this document as well.


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