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Note first that there is a big difference between The Semantic Web to A Semantic Web. In this version of the Semantic Web, knowledge shared by individuals. A web would be owned by its participants or subscribers rather the general public, something to be actively joined, perhaps more like the basic model of a Wiki than an openly accessible public site.

Is there such a thing as Semantic Web Rules ?

If there were a version of business rules called "semantic web rules", what might its definition look like ? Certainly, the definition should include a very basic set of characteristics pertaining to the Semantic Web. It would also need to stay as close as possible to the classic definition of business rules or there is a danger that the entire meaning and "discipline" of the methodology could be lost.

A Tentative Set of Characterists

Owed by Originators and Stakeholders Web rules are owned by their originators of the knowledge, rather than by casual users or a technically oriented cadre of web developers.
Knowledge Focused Web rules should describe common knowledge-intensive problems and issues encountered on the Web and their resolution.
Unique Web rules refer to a single subject at one time.
Clear and Unambiguous Web rules make a clear statement of things known about the Web and uses a well-defined terminology.
Declarative Web rules make assertions about things important to understanding and using available resources. Note that in many definition of business rules, declarative mans that they do not describe sequential knowledge or processing logic.
Well-Formed Web rules are stated in a formal rule language.

The last three requirements for business rules may raise an important issue for using business rule technology in the Semantic Web.

Note that the last three characteristics listed above ( that is, clear, declarative and well-formed ) may restrict the form that web rules can take. To some extent, they may also limit the usefulness of classic business rules as a vehicle for defining things in the relatively unstructured environment of the Semantic Web.

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