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BBcom Gets Hacked Again !!!

... but this time in a good way. The long winding road from PHP-based content management systems to Python and better site security ( I hope ).

What This Site Is About ?

A Secure Python-Based Content Management Sysyem ?

Reorganizing Old Business Rules Content ?

Truth is that I'm not sure anymore. Several years ago, it was about simple implementations of rule engines to solving everyday problems, but now I don't know.

This site is [was?] about developing simple implementations of business rules and rule-based systems for the Semantic Web, mostly built from Open Source components. The idea was that the resulting applications should be both powerful enough and simple enough for a detail-oriented, but non-technical business person to solve everyday problems encountered in knowledge-intensive tasks. That still seems to be the focus of my efforts.

The upshot is that this site seems to be about recovering, restructuring and reworking the old BBcom content into new Python-based sites, with business rule subjects going to Ruleforge and the more general technolgy and CMS stuff going here.

An Overview

Business Rules

Semantic Web
An overview of business rule technology and business rules methodology.  Does business rules technology hold the key to the success of the Semantic Web ?     

Semantic Services and the emergence of the Service Oriented Architecture.

How business rule technology can help users to utilize the emerging technology of the Semantic Web.

Rules Based Systems

Inference Engines
An overview of existing technology to implement rule based systems. 

Simple rule engines and a description of the basic design of a Semantic-Web-worthy inference engine.

Implementation issues for designing and managing rule bases.
The InterWiki

Defintions and Ontologies
Helping to resolve the many competing visions definitions of Business Rules and the Semantic Web.

Semantic Services and the emergence of the Service Oriented Architecture.
Welcome Site

Site Status and Info

Plans for the Future
Information about and status of sites for BBcom. Most of these will be migrated from the old PHP systems to the new Python site.

 Plans for future development, emphasising security and defensive tactics against cross-site scripting, SQL insertion and all the rest of it.

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