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As of Dec 2 2008:

I have ( finally at long last ) developed a prototype of a search engine for the Interwiki site that indexes into Wikipedia.

The idea is to provide the Spider-Plus search engine with a conceptual framework to guide indexing into Wikipedia articles on the subjects of business rules, the semantic web and related subjects. The hope is to guide the search engine to the right places and cut down the garbage in queries, utilizing vague sense of "semantic signals".

The hierarchy of interrelated subjects on the InterWiki is similar to a taxonomy or ontology - the engine uses the structure of the hierarchy of subjects to build a focused, uncluttered subject index.

In turn, queries to the search engine may help to validate ( or invalidate ) the particular set of associations and relationships I set up in the wiki, mostly by clustering ( or not ) of keywords in the query results.

For example, I discovered a muddle in the "business process modeling" and "processing modeling" definitions within 20 minutes or so. I am certain that I wouldn't have been able to work it out so quickly without the search engine results. There are probably a dozen other subjects that will need to be restructured based on the information presented by the queries.

An example of an embedded query using iframe, not the ideal solution. I will find a better way to do it eventually. So far, it looks like the basic idea is working. The term "semantically guided search" comes to mind.

A some point in the not too distant future, I hope to produce a customized and well-integrated wiki/search engine for business rules and rule engines using PmWiki. There is a prototype, but not much to see yet.

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