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The Interwiki is based on WikkaWiki, a light, simple and straightforward PHP wiki. Not much content there - it mainly serves as a tool to find working definitions and establish a sensible hierarchy of subjects. The World according to Wikipedia ?

The Interwiki is partially integrated with the Sphider-Plus search engine using WikkiaWiki iframes. At this point, the Wiki search prototype is using the implied categories of the InterWiki as a guide to indexing into Wikipedia. See the short article about Knowledge Wikis. For details, see the page for Search Site.

The results seem to be pretty good so far, I can detect large-scale relationships between subjects not explicitly expressed within Wikipedia itself. On the other hand, building and working with large ( 20-30 Meg ) databases becomes taxing.

Some day I may be able to use it to generate an OWL ontology for business rules and business rules technology, maybe with ARC2 or RAP.

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