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Jan 26 2009: Once more into the breach ...

Fast CGI is back on the menu. The question is, will it be eaten or will it eat ? I fiddled with php.ini, maybe that will help. So far, so good.
Added Feb 5: The problem with FCGI last October may have been connected to changes in the Hostmonster hardware configuration, that is 'upgrade' of 4 processor systems to 8 processors. I say 'upgrade' as in so-called upgrade - there may be short article about system performance and Queuing Theory lurking in the BB.com future. The basic principles are valid for rule-based systems as well.
When the new 8 processor system is fast, it's very fast, but when it's slow ... oh boy.
Note: SUEXEC error_log: [2009-02-17 09:18:39]: uid: (4040/"myusername") gid: (4040/"myusername") cmd: fcgiwrapper
I was doing admin at the time, GoogleBot hit a page /drupal/taxonomy_menu/1/20 at precisely the same instant, but no apparent dis-function on the page or the site. The message disappears after a few minutes so it may be happening regularly. [ etc. etc. ]

Update Feb 20 2009: FCGI Postmortem ... It Ate

Well, FCGI is bigger than me, at least on hostmonster.com.
The SUEXEC error did not seem to impact the operation of the site, but it was definitely caused by activity on the site and very erratically at that. Maybe one out every six-eight pages accessed, the error came up. No pattern, no particular activity. type or version of CMS seemed to make a difference.
I spent over an hour checking permissions, htaccess, PHP.ini files, etc. and then disabled FCGI. The errors disappeared. I don't want stray and perhaps spurious errors cluttering up the place, least of all SUEXEC errors. Maybe I will have time to get back to it later.
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